Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Just Before Dusk on Tuesday

Hello Parents! The sun came out at CIMI today and it has been glorious. We started the day with kayaking for some and labs for others. Both groups gave rave reviews. The afternoon was snorkeling for all. What did students see? Eels! Yes, eels. One of the highlights of diving is feeding the eels and several kids were lucky enough to see those shy creatures come out for a snack.

Several kids reported seeing garibaldi, blacksmith and an opal eye or two. It is worth the struggle of getting into very thick wetsuits once they are in the water. In fact, we expect our students to be wetsuit pros by Thursday for the last dive.

Tomorrow is a 'dry'day. Groups will rotate through labs and the climbing wall. Lunch will be a BBQ down at the beach. Life is pretty good when at CIMI, isn't it?

More latter…off to dinner soon!

Mr. Brooks, Mr. Compton and Mrs. Goheen

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  1. Hi Team 6th Grade,

    That's a very nice, entertaining blog you have going. Please keep up the fun posts, we can't wait to learn what the kids are doing. And, thank you all for doing a wonderful job taking care of the kids.

    Steve T.