Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Evening Update

Good Evening Families!

With bellies full and rooms quiet, the students are already fast asleep. Who can blame them when we had an exciting, albeit foggy day. To start things off, we all had our introductory snorkel. Watching mostly uncoordinated 12 year olds put on 14 mm of neoprene is something that never gets old. The students always rise to the occasion though and independently put these own!

On our snorkel, many different species were seen. Bat rays, Garibaldi, Brittle Stars, and more! The students all enjoyed themselves and some even took advantage of the "yellow unicorn." If you are unsure of what that is, ask your child.

Pasta filled our bellies and recharged our spirits during our first CIMI meal. The students were delighted with the quality of the food, and thrilled that there is room for seconds, thirds, and in some cases fourths.

For the night program, the students went to either the marine mammals lab, or the creatures of the night. Both labs are engaging and memorable!

Tomorrow is a full day for the students. Some will have a kayak, two snorkels and a lab.

Even though it has only been a day, we have all be impressed with how each student is rising to the challenges presented to them here on the island. We had some firsts today: Being in the ocean and sleeping away from home were some to mention.

Here is to hopping that the fog will burn off tomorrow and give the students even more to see!

One of the more interesting student comments was that it felt like weeks ago since we were leaving Balboa and it was only this morning.

We'll try to upload pictures, but with dial-up internet we may not get them posted until the weekend.

Remember - no news is good news.  We would contact you if your child has any kind of problem.

Mr. Compton, Mr. Brooks, and Mrs. Goheen!

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