Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nocturnal Exploration

Good Morning Families!

It is the time of our trip where the wetsuits begin to live up the the "wet" in their name. The students participated in the night dive or the astronomy hike last night.

For those students who participated in the astronomy hike, many constellations were seen. The students hiked up to a natural amphitheater  in the mountains. They turned off all lights and spent the evening among the stars learning about our astrological past. The students who went on the astronomy hike raved about how wonderful it was.

For the students who participated in the night dive, many bioluminescent animals were seen. Some of the highlights were some horn sharks and tiger sharks, as well as the wonderful sea pansies. The students were asked to turn off their flashlights and look down into the water. They were able to see the plankton light up. We also had an unexpected guest last night. We had a rare strawberry moon. It was beautiful above the horizon and it lit our way during the night dive.

Dinner last night was fried chicken and it was delicious!

Today, our dry day, the students will be participating in labs and either a hike or the climbing wall. The students are a little appreciative of some time out of the water. They are realizing that putting on a dry wetsuit is difficult, but a putting on a wet, wetsuit is much more challenging.

The three teachers have all see the maturation process develop in the students here. They are all adjusting well to the schedule and rising to the challenges that are asked of them. We will continue to touch on this subject as the week progresses, but we are delighted to see our students become young adults in front of our eyes. Each study group has seen students not only face challenges, but excel at organization and cooperation. We do have a stellar reputation here at CIMI and these students are more than meeting that standard set by previous groups.

Well, we are off to pet some sharks and make our algae presses. Today's lunch? Bacon Burgers and a BBQ down at the beach.

Team 6th Grade

More later!

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