Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Today has been most beautiful day so far of our CIMI week.  The sun was shining from the moment we rose shortly after 7:00 this morning.  Our morning classes were lab rotations for all groups.  Groups 1-4 did plankton, invertebrate, and oceanography labs.  We found the ocean was 61 degrees with 45 foot visibility.  One of the highlights was exploring the inside of a life-sized, blow-up California Gray Whale.  Group one found that it took ten sixth grader laying end to end to stretch from the tail to the nose of the whale.

Groups five, six, and seven did the fish, algae, and shark lab rotations.  Students in these groups especially enjoyed petting sharks in the shark lab.

Mrs. Kadam arrived this morning, and she has enjoyed moving from group to group to see what our students are learning.  She brought all of your letters which we will give to students before bed tonight. Bed time will be at 9:00 as our night divers didn't get to bed until after ten last night.  Being on the go is tiring.

This afternoon, groups five, six, and seven enjoyed a spectacular hike.  The views were incredible.  Groups one through four spent the afternoon on the climbing wall.  Many students challenged themselves to climb what the CIMI staff call "the beast".

One of the highlights was a burger barbecue on the beach.  Our students stuffed themselves on burgers, cheese burgers, and bacon burgers.  Tonight, we'll have a Mexican buffet complete with home-made Churros for dessert.

After dinner, study groups five, six, and seven will do the Marine Mammal Hall while study groups one, two, three, and four learn about creatures of the night.  Creatures of the night is highlighted by "long division" which isn't really long division.  Your child will have to tell you about this activity.

We think we've figured a way to post pictures, so hopefully, you'll see some tomorrow.  We all stayed dry today, but tomorrow will be a water day.

The three of us - Mr. Brooks, Mr. Compton, Mrs. Goheen

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