Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday Night Trying to Get Viewage Up

Dear Parents,

We will be seeing you tomorrow at 5:45 on Balboa Peninsula. Our plan is for the kids to leave the boat, luggage in hand, so you can take them home right away. It gets very crowded in the area and it helps if families do not linger for too long.

On Monday morning, please make sure your child returns to school with his or her journal and the CIMI Log Book. We will use these items in class next week.

Before we end our posts on this blog, the three of us want you to know how impressed we are with the growth we have seen in our students. We are proud of every one of them. You will find that your child has reached a new level of maturity and we encourage you to expect independence.

Thank you for valuing this experience and trusting us with your children. It is actually difficult to put into words what it is like to watch them thrive in such a unique environment. We are three, lucky teachers.

Dry bones comin' down the canyon...(ask your child)

P.S. Look for photos that we hope to post over the weekend.

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